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Koi Ponds

Gardens, landscapes and backyard patios should be about beauty, nature and life. Bright, colorful blooms and crisp, vibrant bushes serve to create an eye-pleasing and relaxing environment. Tiered flower beds and natural stones serve to give dimension to your landscape and help tie everything together to keep a natural look. Adding a pond or water fountain further enhances your landscape, and takes it from beautiful to breathtaking. And where there is water, there is yet another possibility to add life by installing a koi pond.

Koi ponds are increasingly popular amongst garden and landscape enthusiasts. Koi fish not only are colorful and lively, they are also resilient and big enough not to fall prey to the neighborhood cats or raccoons. Koi fish ponds are slightly different from other ponds in that they have certain added features that make them fish friendly. Construction of koi ponds are relatively simple, if handled by professionals such as those working at Lasting Impressions Landscape and Stone. Attempting to build a koi pond yourself, if you do not have the training or experience necessary, can prove to be difficult and costly, and might end up in failure. What is more, you might damage the surrounding landscape or structures by misjudging the location in which you choose to install your landscaping koi pond.

Professional koi pond builders have the expertise to carefully plan and install your koi pond. The first step will be to plan a sound koi pond design, which involves finding the best location for your pond based on your existing landscape and the lay of the land. It is also important to consider where your koi pond will be viewed and enjoyed the most. Once the koi pond builders are satisfied that the design is sound and to your liking, koi pond construction can begin. The planning and design of your koi fish pond are the most important part of the process.

If you wish to bring life to your garden or backyard by installing a koi pond, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to walk you through the process and offer information and advice on how to make your dream come true.