Creek bed landscaping allows easy water drainage. | Lasting Impressions Landscape

Creek Bed Landscaping

At Lasting Impressions Landscape and Stone, we understand that all lands are not created equal. Slopes, lands near rivers or streams and rough or uneven terrains can prove difficult when considering landscaping, gardening, or simply keeping your house from being flooded. Regular drainage systems are not always sufficient to protect your plants or buildings. Thankfully there is an answer to even high-risk flood areas: building a dry creek bed.

A dry creek bed offers homeowners a relatively simple and cost efficient drainage alternative when regular drainage systems just aren’t enough. Creek bed landscaping creates an easy channel for water from its source to the selected drainage point. Dry creek beds are a great option if you wish to keep water away from your home without sacrificing your landscaping style.

There is no limit as to the length of a dry creek bed. Although building a dry creek bed may sound fairly easy, there are a lot of factors to be considered in order for it to be efficient. Many people think that dry creek bed landscaping involves nothing more than lining up stones or boulders from point A to point B, but in truth, there is much more to building a dry creek bed than that.

The slope and inclination of the land have to be carefully measured to ensure that flooding water will indeed follow the creek bed. If your land slopes to the left or the right of your dry creek bed, chances are most of the water you are trying to drain will go that way instead of following the creek bed to the drainage point. Our qualified technicians have years of experience in creek bed landscaping and have built countless successful dry creek beds.

If you are worried about flooding or poor drainage on your land, do not take any chances. Call our professionals who will be happy to evaluate your situation and offer you a sound design for the building of your dry creek bed.