Water features in landscaping - waterfalls to koi ponds. | Lasting Impressions Landscape


Adding water features to your landscape is sure to make your environment more enjoyable both for yourself and any guest. Outdoor water features add life and calming sound to your landscape or patio. Patio water features are exceptionally breathtaking, as they bring the beauty of nature right to your doorstep, transforming any landscaping into a haven of relaxation.

Yard water features, like backyard water features, offer many different possibilities, from waterfalls to koi ponds. The gentle trickle of water on boulders or natural stones is soothing as well as eye pleasing. Water features need not be large or intricate to make your landscape beautiful, either. Small water features work well in delicate or tiered flower beds. When landscaping with water features, it is important to plan a sound design based on your needs and on the land you plan to set your water feature. Landscaping water features can be incorporated in most any landscape, as long as they are designed to complement the landscape and not hinder it.

Water features in landscaping are generally a low maintenance addition to your landscape. This being said, we at Lasting Impressions Landscape and Stone strongly recommend that you rely on the expertise of seasoned, experience landscaping technicians like ours. Our landscapers are qualified to offer you the best advice and information on any type of outdoors water feature, and have countless years of experience in the installation and maintenance of landscaping water features. Whether you are looking to install a small water feature on your patio, or larger water feature including water falls and a pond, we are here to help.

If you are considering adding an outdoor water feature to  your existing landscape, or would like a landscaping water feature designed and installed, call us without delay. Our landscapers will be more than happy to help make all your water feature dreams come true.