Synthetic lawns - realistic, affordable, long lasting solution. | Lasting Impressions Landscape


Synthetic grass lawns today can offer a wonderful alternative to time consumptive landscape maintenance. Everyone wants to have a great looking lawn, but not everyone has the time or resources available to do so. Face it, keeping the perfect lawn takes a lot of effort and can be quite costly if you are serious about your home looking the best that it can possibly look. Synthetic lawns in today’s age look great, are a snap to maintain, and are quite cost effective. Simply put, synthetic lawns address a lot of problems with maintaining the beauty of your home.

While some people might have negative stereotypical images of artificial lawns based on synthetic lawn turf that used to be on the market years ago, a synthetic grass lawn can fool the most experienced eye if you select the right type and make, and if it is properly installed. At Lasting Impressions Landscaping and Stone, we have a tremendous amount of experience installing synthetic grass lawns.

Our skilled, creative technicians and landscapers will even help you select a synthetic lawn that is best for you and your home. Installing a synthetic lawn turf is key to making the synthetic lawn look as real as possible. Once installed, maintenance time is nearly eliminated. You don’t even have to mow a synthetic grass lawn because, obviously, it doesn’t grow.

So if you’re tired of spending too much time grooming your lawn or of expending too much in the way of resources on an ongoing landscaping project that never seems to end at a residence, on a business property, or even on an area as large as a golf course, synthetic grass lawns can provide a realistic, affordable, long lasting solution.

If you have any questions in regards to synthetic lawn turf or simply want to see some examples of synthetic lawns yourself, feel free to contact us. We look forward to assisting you with all of your landscaping needs.