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Dog Runs

Many people go to great lengths to landscape their lawn so that it looks spectacular, exactly the way that they want it to, only to have all the hard work and the beauty of the lawn destroyed by the beloved family dog. But what do you do? You love the family pet, the dog needs to take care of its business outside, yet you want to preserve the beauty and the color of your heard earned lawn. Well, thanks to the best in modern landscaping technology, you don’t have to get rid of the dog to keep your lawn’s lush appearance, and you don’t have to make the dog suffer.

A dog run is a great way to preserve the integrity and quality of your lawn while allowing your dog to enjoy the outdoors. Before domestication, dogs often lived in cages or hutches anyway, so a dog run or a outdoor dog kennel offers plenty of space and comfort for the dog. Today, dog runs are better made than ever before, in fact, synthetic dog runs offer great natural feeling turf that are easy in regards to upkeep. Simply put, fenced dog runs provide a great environment for your dog and will ensure that the dog doesn’t turn your lovely well manicured green lawn into a brown splotchy nightmare.

So if you want your puppy to enjoy the great outdoors but still want your lawn to maintain its hard earned appearance, an outdoor dog run offers a great solution to your problem. Please feel free to inquire about our great dog runs. They’re affordable and durable, and comfortable for your pet.

At Lasting Impressions Landscaping and Stone, we believe you should be able to enjoy the grandeur of your lawn, and your pet should be able to enjoy a great quality of life. Our dog runs and synthetic dog runs ensure just that. An Lasting Impressions Landscaping and Stone outdoor dog run is good for your pet, good for your lawn, easy to maintain, and built to last.