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Synthetic Grass

A beautiful lawn is a thing of pride for many people. Lush, green, healthy grass is often a sign of care but, most importantly, it is a sign of health and a glimpse of nature in an often tar paved, cement structured environment. Yet not every terrain or weather is conducive to maintaining a healthy, green lawn, and not everyone has the time to take care to water, drain, cut and fertilize it so it keeps on looking beautiful day in and day out.

There is, thankfully, a solution for those of you who are unable to create or maintain the perfect lawn: artificial grass.

Artificial grass is very popular, especially amongst companies, organizations or private clubs having to cover an extensive area. Today’s synthetic grass looks very natural and is the perfect solution for anyone who either does not have time to invest in caring for their lawn, or prefer to ensure their lawn is always flawless regardless of drought or harsh weather. Artificial lawns look just like natural ones, and are durable, convenient and versatile.

A lot of people tend to want to stay away from ‘fake lawns’ because they feel synthetic turf grass will not look as good or as natural as the real thing. Take it from our expert landscapers, who have installed countless artificial grass lawns: synthetic turfs looks and feels just like natural grass, and is a lot easier to care for and keep beautiful all year long.

Give Lasting Impressions Landscape and Stone a call today to hear about the many options available if you are considering installing artificial grass. Our skilled landscape technicians will be happy to explain the many advantages of artificial turf to you and to discuss the various options that are available based on your specific land, landscape and situation.