Retaining Walls solidify house foundations, roads and docks. | Lasting Impressions Landscape

Retaining Walls

retaining walls, landscape contractor, lasting impressions landscapeIf you have a landscape or a garden on sloping ground, chances are you also have a retaining wall to prevent erosion and landslides. Retaining walls are the most popular solution to landscaping in difficult areas and are also commonly used to solidify house foundations, roads and docks. Although usually durable, rock retaining walls sometimes fail either because of poor design, inadequate choice of material or because they were poorly constructed.

Retaining walls can be repaired and, in most cases, made stronger without needing to be completely removed and rebuilt. Poor retaining wall designs can often be fixed by modifying only part of the wall. Landscaping retaining walls that offer inadequate drainage either because they were poorly designed, poorly built or simply because natural erosion has clogged the drainage gaps can also often be repaired with minimal work. In some cases, it is also possible to install retaining wall drainage systems into your existing wall.

Most any type of rock retaining wall can be repaired, including landscape retaining walls, rock retaining walls, boulder retaining walls, redi rock retaining walls and flagstone retaining walls. In the rare events where the design or condition of the wall are beyond repair, our teams of experienced technicians at Lasting Impressions Landscapes and Stone will take the time necessary to create a viable design and give you advice on the best type and size of stones to use to ensure that your new wall is built strongly and lasts for years to come.

If you notice a problem with your rock retaining wall, from cracks to poor drainage, do not delay and call us today. Repairing a rock retaining wall is a lot easier when tacked early, before any more damage adds to the complications of fixing the retaining wall without too much intrusion or delays.