Landscaping ponds - make your landscape come to life. | Lasting Impressions Landscape


A landscape can be made beautiful in many ways. Colorful flowers, bright green bushes, natural stones and an eye-pleasing design all contribute to creating a natural niche in which you can relax, entertain and even work. But there is one more thing that never fails to both impress and make your landscape even more beautiful: a pond.

Backyard ponds really make landscapes come to life. With the help of retaining walls or cleverly placed boulders, backyard ponds can even be built as a receptacle to gently running water. To add even more life to your landscaping pond, why not build a koi pond? Koi fish are lively and colorful, and a great addition to any landscape pond.

Backyard ponds are increasingly popular amongst landscaping enthusiasts. They are especially breathtaking when built around a natural flagstone patio, where chairs, tables and even a barbecue can be placed for you to enjoy a quiet meal or invite friends and family over for an outdoors cookout. Landscaping ponds, and even koi ponds, require very little maintenance, making them the perfect choice to embellish your landscape without worrying about having to work hard to keep it beautiful.

At Lasting Impressions Landscape and Stone, we have years of experience designing and building backyard ponds. Our skilled landscapers can offer you expert advice on the kind of pond that will best suit your needs, and can even give you extensive information on koi fish, or any other type of fish that will be best suited to your pond and environment. Designing and building a landscaping pond should not be left to guesswork or unqualified technicians. When working with water in your landscape, it is extremely important to create a sound design to prevent against flooding. Call us today and speak to one of our landscapers who will be happy to offer you advice and information for all your landscaping pond needs.