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Boulder Retaining Walls

At Lasting Impressions Landscapes and Stone, we know better than anyone that all areas to be landscaped are not created equal. Sloped or uneven land can be difficult to design around. River beds or areas that are more at risk to be flooded can also be tricky to handle. Thankfully, there are several options available to you if you wish to create a beautiful landscape in an area that might prove a bit more difficult to handle.

Rock retaining walls are the most popular choice amongst landscapers designing their landscapes around uneven terrain. The purpose of a rock retaining wall is to create a solid foundation for your landscape. Your retaining wall design will depend on the lay of your land and on the landscaping design you wish to create. There are a variety of landscape retaining walls and garden retaining walls to choose from, and your choice will also rely heavily on your specific needs and physical situation.

Boulder retaining walls are an excellent option for sloping areas on which you wish to plant shrubs or flowers. Boulder retaining walls provides bot natural beauty and protection against soil erosion. Because the boulders are round, the little spaces between the rocks offer natural drainage of the soil, which means this option allows you to save a lot of money on installing a drainage system.

Redi rock retaining walls are best used to keep the land from eroding and to create a strong structure to support your land and prevent landslides. Redi rock retaining walls are prefabricated blocks of cement that are designed around your landscape and stacked one on top of the other to create a solid, weatherproof retainer. They can also be designed to incorporate drainage systems.

Beautiful landscapes can be created in almost any environment. If you thought achieving the landscape or garden you had been dreaming of was impossible because of the lay of your land, rock, redi rock or boulder retaining walls may be just what you need. Call us today for a free consultation and advice on the best retaining wall options available.