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Seasonal Color

Seasonal Color

At Lasting Impressions Landscapes and Stones, we understand that you have worked hard to earn the right to come home and relax on your patio surrounded by beautiful landscapes. As such, we believe that there is no reason you should not be allowed to do so year-round. Our expert landscaping technicians strive to follow the seasons with seasonal color in your landscape or rock bed. Long-lasting, colorful perennials, will lighten up your spring and often last long into summer, but will be fading come fall. Here are a few examples of the kind of flowers you can expect to see in your flower beds depending on the season:

Spring / Summer Flowers:

  • Begonias: Whether planted as shrubs or individual flowers, begonias feature bright colored flowers and attractively marked deep green leaves. The many varieties and hybrids of begonias make for a pleasant arrangement in most any color. Begonias prefer shady areas, making them the flower of choice to brighten shady, covered areas.
  • Zinnias: An attractive solitary flower, the zinnia comes in many different colors, including white, chartreuse, yellow, orange, red, purple, and lilac. It also comes in a variety of shapes and is an annual flower that does best in sunny environments. It is also known to be one of the best flowers to attract butterflies.

Fall Flowers:

  • Pansies: Pansies are probably the most popularly grown and most recognizable cool season plant. Colorful, cheerful and delicate, they bloom in the fall and take over as the perennials fade.
  • Periwinkles: This small, delicate flower blooms in late spring / early summer but continues to brighten up gardens, landscapes and rock beds well into fall. They are ideal to cover wide, denuded areas as they spread close to the ground.

Trust your perennial planting, seasonal color installation and seasonal color coordinating to our team of expert landscaping technicians. They will be happy to offer advice on your seasonal color bed, choice of landscaping flowers or any other landscaping need you may have.