A curtain drain will divert groundwater away from your house | Lasting Impressions Landscape


It would be nice if all yards were designed perfectly. If they all sloped away from your house so water naturally drained out of the yard, eliminating soggy patches of lawn that get destroyed by the rain, but they’re not. It’s not a perfect world, and most yards or lots have many flaws, such as hills that can cause serious issues. And not everyone can afford to regrade their entire yard to create the perfect slope. Yet proper drainage is required to maintain a great lawn. That’s where a curtain drain can save the day. It’s one of many weapons proper drainage design can use to fight the elements and protect your lawn and even your house.

A curtain drain will divert groundwater away from your house through a drain channel. When inserting a curtain drain, we basically dig a down hill trench sloping away from the house and then we insert a perforated pipe which is covered by protective filter fabric, diverting the excess water where it needs to go, then cover the curtain drain with gravel for easy access, that way blockage or stoppage never becomes an issue.

Curtain drains help protect your house too, not just your lawn. Curtain drainage doesn’t only help irrigate your lawn, it can help keep water from seeping into your basement or your foundation, preventing dangerous structural damage, so curtain drain design is important to your home period if your yard has slope problems.

At Lasting Impressions Landscapes and Stones, we specialize in drainage design specifically designed to meet the needs of individual lawns, all lawns are unique. If your home could benefit from curtain drains, we’re here to help. Contact us with any questions about curtain drains. We’ll gladly come take a look at your lawn and design a drainage system to fit it, whatever your needs might be.