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Who doesn’t love the beauty of a palm tree as the sun sets in the vista? The orange and red streaks of the evening sky, highlighting the profile of a tropical palm is a sight to behold, one usually relegated to resorts, tropical vacation spots and high traffic tourist areas. But you have a great view at your home or business or even golf course, why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy palm trees there as well.

There’s no reason you can’t, but not every climate is conducive to a palm tree’s survival. Sure, they might survive the summer, but that means each and every year you have to have palm trees transplanted only to watch them die in the fall or winter. Not only can this be costly over time, it can be quite intrusive and annoying. But you can enjoy the beauty of a palm without all the hassle and repetitive costs. Artificial palms offer an outstanding looking way to enjoy the beauty of a palm without having to go to endure the rigors of an annual extreme makeover. With today’s technology and modern synthetic materials available, a fake palm tree can fool the most discerning eye, and is quite durable and cost effective too.

In fact, with designer palms, you can even have a palm constructed to your exact specifications. Designer palms allow you to create the landscape exactly as you see fit. If you want a lighted palm tree at night, you can make a designer palm that is built to look great from the pool or along a walkway after hours. Designer palm trees offer limitless possibilities.

An artificial outdoor palm tree offers the best of all possible worlds, the beauty of the palm, low maintenance, less cost, and awesome durability. And you don’t have to restrict artificial palm trees to the great outdoors either. An indoor palm can be the highlight of any great room or sun room, and you don’t have to worry about an indoor palm dying if it’s an artificial palm tree.

Here at Lasting Impressions Landscaping and Stone, we can help you choose and can expertly install the best indoor palm, lighted palm tree, artificial palm, fake palm tree, and artificial outdoor palm based on your tastes and environment. We look forward to assisting you.