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Accent Lighting

Using outdoor lighting to bring your landscape, patio or garden to life after night fall is a beautiful and relatively easy way to ensure you and your guests can enjoy your environment at any time. Imagine hosting a dinner party or barbecue with family or friends, or simply sitting in your garden or on you patio enjoying a relaxing glass of wine, all the while taking in the beauty of your flowers, shrubs and trees. One of the most popular ways to light up your landscape is to use landscape accent lighting.

Landscape accent lighting allows you to use strategically placed lights to make the most alluring pieces of your landscape stand out. Outside accent lighting is often used either as up lighting or down lighting, especially to illuminate trees. Tree lighting can be quite dramatic, but can also be a subtle way of bringing gentle light up or down the trunk of the tree, making for quite an eye-pleasing sight.

Landscape accent lighting lends itself beautifully to light up your garden or patio, as well. Garden accent lighting is a wonderful way to make your flowers and plants stand out at night. With the addition of low voltage accent lighting along a stone walkway, they allow you to walk through your garden at night and enjoy all the hidden nightlife beauty of your garden at any hour. Deck accent lighting can be used to light up a deck fountain or to light up your whole patio so that you can safely and comfortably make use of your deck after dark.

Landscape accent lighting suits most any landscape, garden or deck. If you are thinking of installing outside accent lighting in your yard, do not hesitate to give Lasting Impressions Landscape and Stone today. Our certified and skilled landscape technicians will be happy to offer you advice and information on the best kind of accent lighting to use in your unique environment, and will help you design the outdoors night scene you have been dreaming of.